Frequently Asked Questions

1. One of the drugs I take is not listed among the 150 drugs on the website. How can I find out more information about this drug?

Ask your pharmacy for pricing information for the drugs that you take. Also, you may want to check some of the pharmacies that have low prices on the other drugs you take and ask them for pricing information on the unlisted drug.

2. Why are prices different between pharmacies?

Not all pharmacies purchase their medications from the same wholesaler and therefore costs are different. In addition, some pharmacies provide additional services such as delivery, special packaging, and other services that add to the price of the drug.

3. After using the website I found lower prices for some of my drugs. Should I switch pharmacies?

Not necessarily. Before switching, you should contact your pharmacy to verify their most current prices. Their most current prices may not be the same as the prices listed on the Michigan Drug website. However, pricing is just one factor to consider. A pharmacy’s location and the relationship you have with your pharmacist are important factors for you to consider. What’s more, there may be additional services available at your pharmacy, suited to your particular needs. If you prefer to stay with your pharmacy and others in the area offer lower pricing you can ask if they will match the lower price. Michigan Drug considers it a good practice for consumers to buy all of their medications from the same pharmacy so that your pharmacist can keep track of the medications you are on to avoid potentially harmful drug interactions, prevent drug duplication, and allergic reactions. If you do decide to shop at more than one pharmacy, make sure that you tell all the pharmacists about the medications you are taking.

4. My search results show a “Not Available” for the price of my drug. Does that mean that my pharmacy doesn’t sell my drug?

No. If you get a Not Available, that means that the pharmacy did not fill a prescription for that drug through the Michigan Medicaid program during the data collection period. Contact the pharmacy for pricing information.

5. I take Lipitor 20MG and the website only lists Lipitor 10MG are they the same?

No. Drugs prescribed at different strengths and quantities will have prices that vary. This site only lists price for one strength and quantity typical of that most commonly prescribed for a thirty day supply. If your drug is not listed in the strength prescribed for you, ask your pharmacy for pricing for your strength and quantity. Also, you may want to check some of the pharmacies that have low prices on the dosage listed and ask them for pricing information for your strength and quantity.

6. When I went to the pharmacy the price I was charged was not the same as the one listed on the website. Why was the pharmacy price different?

Prices for prescription drugs often change frequently, even daily. The prices on the website reflect the price of the day the last prescription was filled and billed to the Michigan Medicaid Program. Although the price you pay the day you fill your prescription may be different from what's posted on the website, Michigan Drug is still a good way to compare drug prices at pharmacies in your community. When planning a purchase, you should contact pharmacies directly to find out their current pricing information.

7. Even with comparison shopping, the cost of my drugs is still too high. Is there anything I can do about it?

The State offers a pharmacy discount program known as MiRx that is administered by the Michigan Department of Community Health. A link to the MiRx website and other assistance programs can be found here. There are many other programs that may possibly be able to help you with your prescription drug costs. Visit the Retail Discount Drug Programs page, or the Helpful Links page for a complete listing of programs.

8. Is there a Medicare Drug Plan for seniors?

Yes, beginning January 1, 2006 Medicare began offering prescription drug coverage to seniors who choose to participate. For more information, visit the Medicare website at:

9. I do not have internet access, but would like to take advantage of Michigan Drug, what can I do?

Public libraries offer free internet access, as well as many senior centers, and public schools, check with friends and family members.