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The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has created Michigan Drug Prices.com as a public service to help Michigan citizens compare prescription drug prices at pharmacies close to home. Before using the Compare Drug Prices tool on Michigan Drug Prices.com it's important to understand how to get the most value from the information and pricing data in this website.

  • This website provides a tool to help you compare prices and is not a guarantee of a particular price.
  • The prescription drugs selected for price comparison in this website include 150 of the most commonly prescribed drugs based on pharmacy claims paid by Michigan Medicaid.
  • Participating pharmacies enrolled in the Medicaid program report their usual and customary charge for covered Medicaid prescriptions as a basis for the pricing information.
  • The listed prices are the retail prices that an uninsured consumer would pay for generic drugs without a discount or supplemental plan. When no generic drug price is available brand pricing is used.
  • This website displays the most recent price submitted by participating pharmacies during the current survey period.
  • Prescription drug prices are constantly changing and your local pharmacy may change its prescription drug prices more frequently than this site can be updated.
  • When a particular drug has not been filled by a pharmacy during the survey period there will not be any price information to report. This is noted by the term “Not Available" in the results (meaning price not available).
  • Some of the prescription drug prices listed on this website could be outdated and up to six (6) months old. Call ahead to your pharmacy to check the current price before shopping.
  • Quantities reflect either a "typical" thirty (30) day supply or the most frequently billed quantity.
  • Some pharmacies only service Long-Term Care facilities and those prices reflect the price for a facility and not a retail pharmacy cash-paying customer.
  • MDHHS, Michigan Medicaid, and the state of Michigan cannot warranty or guarantee the accuracy of the content of this website or the content of any other website to which this website may link.
  • MDHHS, Michigan Medicaid, and the state of Michigan is not liable to any person for his or her reliance on the information contained on this website.
Safe Prescription Drug Practices
  • Keep track of all your medications. The easiest way is to buy them from the same pharmacy. They will have all your drug information in their computer database.
  • If you shop at more than one pharmacy, inform all pharmacists about all of the drugs you are taking to avoid potentially harmful drug interactions, to prevent possible drug duplication, and to avoid allergic reactions.